Are You Overweight? Whether You Could
Stand To Lose 10 Lbs or 100, You Need To Listen Up...

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The vast majority of people are overweight because they eat the wrong foods, take in the wrong types of calories per meal and consume their meals in incorrect patterns.

The truth is, when it comes to losing weight, food is much more powerful than most people realize...
it's more powerful than fat loss supplements or even exercise.

The trouble is, there is so much conflicting information on dieting that it can be very hard to know which plan makes the most sense for you... which plan will help you lose the weight you'd like without costing a fortune or being so hard to stick with that you are virtually guaranteed to fail even before you begin.

Here's some information about the most common types of diet regimens and why they just don't work...


Low Calorie Diets don't work because...

*With a low calorie diet all your really doing is "starving yourself."  The trouble is, your body quickly realizes that you have cut your calorie intake and will start to burn fewer calories to protect itself. Because of this, all you end up doing is making yourself feel hungry and generally lose very little (if any) weight.

Low Fat Diets don't work...

*For several years now, food manufacturer's have been touting their food products as having Zero or "very low fat." More and more people are reading food labels and paying close attention to "fat grams."  Even still, the numbers don't lie... people (on average) are getting more and more overweight!

Low Carb Diets don't work because...

*Several low carb diet plans have been the rage for quite a while now. While I have known some that have successfully lost weight on one of these plans their success is usually very short-lived.

These plans are very restrictive and can rob you of energy. Much of our daily energy comes from the intake of carbohydrates and most of these plans are so restrictive you can't even enjoy an apple without messing things up!

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